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Few words about me

Arefin Sajib

Consultant Strategic Innovative Consultancy (SIC)
Engineer, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Manager & Business Development Consultant. Besides, he is working as a Freelance Consultant with North American Marketers - leading Canadian Marketing Agency.

He has 12 years of proven experience in WordPress Web Design, Digital Marketing & advance SEO. Working as a Professional Web developer & Digital Marketing Manager in other market places since 2012, completed 500+ projects at various marketplaces.

He worked with more than 300+ International Clients in various projects. You can hire me for your business development.

My Skills

My Expertise

Web Development

Digital Marketing

Advance SEO Management


Mr. Arefin started his journey with us since October 2016. He worked in Web development and Digital Marketing projects. He is good in Web development, application development & bug fixing. He is good in SEO as well. He was very reliable and had good relations with my co-workers. Mr. Shamsul showed his ability to work under pressure to deal with emergency situations. When he came to the new environment, he thrived very quickly in our dynamic environment. Having him on our team and being able to rely on his professionalism and developing skills has been a wonderful joy. I hope he has a successful future.

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Aarman S.

CEO, North American Marketers