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Digital Marketing Master Course with Freelancing & Career

Mentor: Arefin Sajib, 9 years of experience

Arefin Sajib, Founder of SIC Group has started his business career in 2012 beside his full time job. He completed Web development, GraphicDesign and Advance Digital Marketing from reputed Institutions. He also enrolled many paid Udemy professional's courses. In 2018, he started SIC Training Academy. He elected LEDP Mentor in ICT Ministry in 2019. From 2020, he started teaching beside his Job & Business. Every year he teaches 500+ students free of cost and 200+ professional businessman & entrepreneur.

Nowadays, if anyone wants to start a business online or offline then at first he needs to think about the brand identity and marketing. For brand identity, you need a logo, a business page for a promotion, a professional website with SEO. After that, you need to promote ads of your business to your target audience. If you need to hire for that purpose then you need to hire at least 3 people. One for web design support to develop a professional website and maintenance, one for graphic design support who will create flyers frequently to post on your business pages, and the last one you need for digital marketing. It’ll cost a lot for a startup. So we came to a solution through a professional business development course.

In this course, I will meet all these requirements so that you as a start-up can act as a one-man army! With this course, you’ll design your business website and you can maintain it by yourself. All contents will be provided by me. Besides you can design your graphical business post with photoshop as well for the campaign. Again you can do on-page SEO of your website and also you’ll get a full idea about google campaigns and Facebook campaigns. Our main motivation is to develop you as a one-man army so that you can work by yourself as a freelancer and grow your own business with a small investment.

- Arefin Sajib


Main features:

Be a Freelancer

Be a Businessman/Entrepreneur

Online Domination

Create Your Brand

Explore Career

Last chance to enroll the course. We'll start from September 2021

Who is this program for ?

Those who want to start freelancing career or want to be a entrepreneur

Those who want to learn digital marketing from the very beginning

Those who do the wrong in freelancing are frustrated

Those who want to build their career online

Looking to start an e-commerce or f-commerce business

Those who want to do the marketing of their own business

Want to start a marketing agency business

Those who want to do business online from home

Those who want to build their career online

Why do you need this program?

To learn how to develop freelancing career

To learn proper wings of digital marketing

To learn professional ad post design

To learn how to create a long-time marketing in online

To learn how to get target audience

To learn how to establish online business in low budget

To learn how to do SEO of website

To learn about google adward and adsense

To learn about long term business plan with strategy

Course Plan

1st Phase: Digital Marketing Master Class
Number Course Topic
#1 Digital Marketing different platform idea, discussion & career opportunity with demos
#2 Idea of Social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & more
#3 . Facebook Marketing, How to create FB Business Page & Setup all FB stuffs, Discuss about Facebook Campaign, Setup Campaign, Live Demo, Facebook Pixel Setup and integrate to Website, How it works
#4 Practical Demonstration
#5 SEO - Basic to Advance Idea
#6 On Page SEO & Off Page SEO, Search Console, Directory Submission, Keyword Research, Ranking Factors, Affiliate Link Placement
#7 Discuss about Google Adsense & Google Adward
#8 Discuss about social media online business opportunity
#9 Everyone's Business Health Checkup & Troubleshooting, Idea Discussion
2nd Phase: Graphic Design Work by Adobe Photoshop
Number Course Topic
#1 Overview of Business Post & Ads Design
#2 Overview of Adobe Photoshop & Installation Software
#3 Tools idea of Adobe Photoshop
#4 Tools work Practices
#5 Idea of Business Flyers & Facebook Post
#6 Flyer Design & Post Design (It will take 5 classes to complete)
#7 Practical Session
3rd Phase: Web Design
Number Course Topic
#1 Business Plan, How to start, Mission & Vision, Idea about Wordpress Website
#2 Idea of Domain & Hosting, How to buy, How to setup, Cpanel Idea & Operation of Cpanel
#3 Idea of Database, How to setup Wordpress, How to setup Wordpress Theme, How to take Backup
#4 Basic Html & CSS idea
#5 Customization of Wordpress Theme (Business Website Development)
#6 Practice of Customization
#7 Ideas of different plugins & testing of them
#8 Theme Customization Practice 2
#8 Customization of E-commerce Website by Woodmart
#9 Ideas of on page SEO by Yoast, Yoast Setup
#10 Yoast SEO Guideline
#11 Google Webmaster Tool Setup & Experiment
#12 Helping out to establish everyone's Business Website
Last Phase: Idea of Freelancing & Marketplaces & Career Development

How to join this course & What you'll get ?

What you'll get ?

You'll get 60$ value premium license of best selling Wordpress Theme to design your website

You'll get 49$ premium plugin to speed up your website

You'll get Best SEO guideline by Yoast SEO

You'll get Adobe Photoshop 2018 premium software for Graphical Post Design

You'll get Digital Marketing full course in this course

You'll learn how to setup facebook pixel, how to setup Google webmaster tools and many more

You'll get full support to setup your business after course completion

How to join this course ?

This business development course is combination of three courses. Here you'll learn how to develop your website in latest cms Wordpress, how to setup facebook business page, how to create graphical post/flyers by Adobe Photoshop, how to do facebook marketing, how to do SEO of your website and all things about digital marketing. Although this master class costs a minimum of Tk 20,000 - but SIC is offering this program for you with a lot of discounts. But for those who want to do business online, this may be the best investment. Because absolutely all the details will be shown in the live class with live case study plus any problem will be solved in sha Allah. SIC will provide their own business model as example.

Course Fee : 5000 Tk (After 75% Discount)

To buy course, please follow the four steps below:

1. Click on the button below named "Purchase Course"

2. Click Add to Cart

3. Click Checkout

4. Provide your name, location, phone & email in Checkout page

5. Pay 5000 tk to our Bkash Agent number 019888-90099

6. Fillup your Bkash number & Transaction Id then click "Place Order" Button









Frequently Ask Questions

1Can I come directly to the office and buy the course?
Definitely. Please come to our office. Please make a call for confirmation before come to office because our Mentor is a full time job holder in a private company. Need to adjust timing for that. Here is google map direction : https://goo.gl/maps/BiXb6juMKzh3xWoB6
2Can I do this course from home ?
Yes you can. We'll use Zoom or Google Meet. So you just need a internet connection. You can do it from Mobile as well. But for practice, you must need a computer.
3Any Guarantee for income generation ?
Allah swt said haram to riba & halal to business. In sha Allah you'll get success if you do hard work in proper way and be patient.
4Is this course also for freelancers ?
Yes, you can do this course if you want to start your freelancing career because we'll provide you guideline for freelancing and market place.
5When offline course will start ?
Offline course will be started in summer time in sha Allah.

Call mentor for more information +88 01717 050530